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Quick Facts about International Trade Services

International Trade Services

Global trade plays a fundamental role in the overall economy of the many countries of the world. Global trade or international trade has been a staple in the history of mankind ever since transportation was developed. This is exhibited by ancient civilizations such as the Ancient Egyptians and Phoenicians.

Most of the trade was done by traveling by way of sea, though land trade was also common. Today, global trade remains largely done by way of maritime traveling, with international trade services acting as the carriers transporting goods across seas and oceans.

International trade services are any particular company or business that engages in the transportation of goods or merchandise to foreign countries. Even though international trade services will engage all methods of travel, land, air, and sea, the most commonly used is maritime trade.

In the United States, some of the major international trade services are American President Lines, Matson Navigation Company, Horizon Lines, and Star Shipping. Of these, only Matson Navigation Company and Horizon Lines are owned by the United States. Matson is located in Oakland, California, and has been providing international trade services since 1882.

Its major competitor will prove to be Horizon Lines, particularly in the domestic market. In North America, other international trade services are Transportation Maritima Mexicana of Mexico and Asia Pacific Marine Container Lines. All of these companies offer both domestic trade and global trade services to those involved in the international trade industry.

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