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The International Trade Administration

International Trade Administration

The International Trade Administration, or ITA for short, is an organization within the United States Department of Commerce. The overall purpose of the International Trade Administration is support and promote the exporting of goods and merchandise that is not considered to be agricultural. The ITA will also help promote American businesses and companies to reach international markets and have such access for international trade. Furthermore, it also provides for protection to American companies from unfair competition that may arise.

The International Trade Administration was created on January 2nd, 1980 and has its headquarters in Washington, D.C. The organization is headed by the Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade, currently being Francisco "Frank" Sanchez.

The ITA currently has an annual budget of $446 million, which is expected to increase to about $534 million in 2011. The International Trade Administration currently has just 1,500 employees, who serve the ITA's sub divisions, Import Administration, Marker Access and Compliance, United States Commercial Service, and Manufacturing and Services.

One of the key sub divisions of the International Trade Administration is the United States Commercial Service, which implements several programs and agreements for private organizations. Among these are various banks, legal organizations, shipping and transportation organizations, and trade risk service companies.

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