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United Kingdom's Trading Standards Association

Trading Standards

The Trading Standards Institute is an association in the United Kingdom that represents professionals in the trading industry both within the UK as well as in foreign countries. The Trading Standards Institute was formed from the previously formed Institute of Trading Standards Administration that was created in 1956 and the Incorporated Society of Inspectors of Weights and Measures which was established 1881.

The Trading Standards Institute is an important faction in helping establish trading standard regulations and laws in conjunction with the United Kingdom government as well as the European Union Parliament. The Training Standards Institute has certain goals when it comes to trading.

Among them is the overall goal to help its members gain their say in terms of trading standard regulations in the governmental agencies by the influence of the Institute itself. Members in the Trading Standards Institute should be able to rely on the organization to have their overall goals met, and that is one of the main goals that TSI promotes.

Currently, there are a total of 200 Trading Standards Offices throughout the United Kingdom. One of the main functions of these offices is to test equipment and goods in order to make sure that everything that is being exported and imported meets the quality standards in accordance to both domestic and international legislation.

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