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What You Must Know About Maritime Trade

What Is Trade

Trade refers to the actual exchange of merchandise, money, or services. Typically speaking, trades are made where the exchange of goods happens to be somewhat equal in value, such as certain amount of money for a particular valued item. Trade is also referred to as commerce, and originally involved the direct exchange of goods which is known as barter. However, trade in modern times will usually revolve around the exchange of money for particular item.

Trade is done through various methods and outlets, both on a small and large scale. In terms of maritime trade, this refers to the exchange of goods through the transportation of such over international waters. However, maritime trade can also involve domestic or smaller bodies of water as well. Essentially, all trades that will involve the transportation of goods over a body of water can be referred to as maritime trade.

Maritime trade can be said to have been the primary exchange of goods between nations and states in history, arguably starting in ancient times with the Ancient Egyptians and most notably, the Phoenicians. The Phoenicians have been known as some of the most accomplished sea traders in history, being among the first to do so.
Phoenicians conducted trades of goods across the Mediterranean Sea for important resources such as bronze. This would continue throughout history throughout the world, with trades by sea being the main method of exchanging goods between nations.

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